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Branch Office Introduction - Nirvana Vietnam

Tuesday, 25/10/2022, 18:44 GMT+7

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In August 2022, Nirvana Asia Group’s representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Nirvana Memorial Park Company Limited, Vietnam – officially began operations at Nam Giao Building, Phu Nhuan District to bring its award-winning integrated bereavement care services and memorial parks to the Southeast Asian nation’s largest city. The branch is a milestone marking the group's progress in the Vietnamese market, launching its long-term goal of becoming one of the leading and most trusted brands in Vietnam in the bereavement care industry.

Tòa nhà Nam Giao Building | 261-263 Phan Xích Long, Phú Nhuận | Cho thuê  văn phòng hạng C tại TP. HCM - Maison Office

(Nguồn: Maison Office)

Nirvana Asia Group - Asia's Largest Integrated Pre-need Bereavement Care Service Provider

Established in Malaysia in 1990, Nirvana Asia Group operates in various Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. At the present, the group has about 21 integrated memorial centres and unique landscaped memorial parks across Asia, with more planned in the future. With over 30 years of experience in bereavement care services and memorial park operations, Nirvana Asia Group has strong financial resources, an impeccable reputation, and is distinguished for providing high-quality products and professional services. Its comprehensive suite of offerings includes burial plots, tomb design and construction, columbarium niches, as well as integrated pre-need and as-need funeral services with emphasis on providing peace of mind to customers.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Vietnam): The next step in affirming a trusted brand name

Standing by its core values of trust, quality products and services, and its management, Nirvana Asia Group takes pride in its vital role in promoting and revolutionising Oriental funeral culture for modern times, while at the same time preserving the essences of time-honoured virtues and traditions.


In its newest chapter in Vietnam, Nirvana Memorial Park (Vietnam) will continue to maintain Nirvana Asia’s standards of professionalism and responsibility in “Caring for Life”, commitment to meticulous and highly personalised care, and its customer-oriented mission, that have made the company a renowned and trusted brand in the region. 

With the trust, support, encouragement and support of the local Vietnamese populace, Nirvana Memorial Park (Vietnam) hopes to continue to form deep and meaningful relationships with customers through its highly personal product offerings tailored for the local market, while striving to provide them with a profound and comfortable experience, and most importantly, peace of mind of mind during a crucial time of need. 

(Nirvana Vietnam Team - 2022)

Nirvana Memorial Park (Vietnam)’s office and sales gallery is open and ready to advise and support customers in making pre-need bereavement care plans for loved ones and themselves as well as as-need arrangements. We also welcome business partners and associates for potential collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Office Address: 2nd & 6th Floor, 261-263 Phan Xich Long, Ward 02, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Customer service: +84 28 3620 5538 / +84 28 3620 7633





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