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The loss of a loved one is an inevitable life experience for everyone as we grow up, but we must always be brave enough to face and accept it. With birth comes death, and with growth comes decline. This experience may give us a new appreciation for life. With that said, how do we prepare for the death of a loved one?

Step 1: Contact our professional authorised agent or call our customer careline immediately

In the unfortunate demise of a loved one, you can immediately contact one of our agents or call our customer careline to have a professional handle all matters, including applying for a death certificate. Whether the death is natural, a result of illness or an accident, the first thing in the administrative procedure is to apply for a death certificate as proof of death and then proceed with the subsequent funeral matters.

Step 2: Plan the funeral details

You can discuss the planning and arrangement of the funeral with our professional service personnel. Our professional service personnel will execute the planning for the memorial parlour, funeral ceremony, paperwork and relevant religious clergy in accordance with the family’s wishes; so that the family do not need to worry about other matters during the mourning period.

Step 3: Burial or cremation

Choose burial or cremation according to the wishes of the deceased, or make proper arrangements according to the wishes of the family.

Step 4: Choose the final resting place

If you choose cremation, you can choose a final resting place for the deceased according to the wishes of the deceased or the choice of the family after the ceremony.

Step 5: Mourning rites / Memorial day observances

After the funeral ceremony, the family can pay respects to the deceased on the first seventh day, the hundredth day and others to express their grief and mourning for the deceased. 

Expressing grief after the death of a loved one is normal, a natural expression of emotion, and this grief will last for a period of time. After this however, we must accept the truth, overcome the grief and get back on the path. It is also the greatest comfort for the deceased for loved ones to continue living well.


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