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Nirvana Asia shares insights on the importance of preparing for the inevitable.

In some cultures, death is a taboo topic.

What’s more, to talk about death and money in the same conversation would raise suspicion of greed and distrust.

But the circle of life is a natural process and death has an inevitable part in it.

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, women in the country can live to an average age of 78.3 years and men 73.2 years – an increase from a decade ago of about 1.5 years and 1.1 years respectively.

In a modern society, it’s best to have these conversions up front as we continue to lead longer lives and possibly leave behind an estate for our beneficiaries.

Therefore, some planning for this certainty is important. It could include advance medical directive, power of attorney, wills and trusts, as well as funeral pre-planning.

Nirvana Asia describes pre-planning as a means of setting up your own funeral arrangements in advance, well before the time comes. This could be in the form of a funeral insurance or pre-need funeral contract.

Nirvana opines that people should look at the act of pre-planning as thoughtful, one out of care and love.

As a funeral tends to be highly emotional, letting your wishes be known and creating a plan in advance can be vital to the bereaved.

Here Nirvana lists its insights on the importance of funeral pre-planning:

It’s the responsible thing to do

Nirvana shares that death is a fact of life and is what gives life meaning, which is why putting our affairs in place through pre-planning is the most responsible thing to do and the best final gift we could give to our loved ones.

Whatever is left to be decided falls to those we leave behind.

Therefore, Nirvana implores future pre-planners to mull over a few burning questions, such as:

Do you really want to impose upon your family the responsibility of arranging a funeral, which entails trivial details like what to be served at the wake and major decisions like the location of the final resting place?

Also, can they handle financing a funeral rationally during such a vulnerable time when they ought to be focusing on grieving?

Therefore by having a pre-plan with a reputable bereavement care provider in place, you will not only assume the responsibility yourself but also spare your loved ones the agony by providing clear directions as to what needs to be done without having to worry about whether they could afford it.

Final say and save on inflation

According to Nirvana, you can decide on every little detail of your own final farewell.

Take your time to research and compare without being pressured to immediately make a decision.

After all, who would be more familiar with your last wishes than yourself

Nirvana opines that the best part about pre-planning is that you need not pay in advance but instead opt for an instalment plan without having to worry about inflated costs in the future.

Therefore, it extols the virtue of the adage that there is no time like the present, to discuss your final wishes than while you are still alive, well and capable of handling your affairs physically, mentally and financially.

Do involve your loved ones and keep them informed so that they will be aware of your arrangements – to avoid conflict, ensure your family is protected and your wishes will be fulfilled exactly the way you prefer.

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